Within the present era of on-going product development and optimization, you can never really consider your product the best. It could be the best today but will it be forever? The increasing competition and changing customer needs keep the companies always iterating and testing new ideas to make their product stand out in the market. If you don’t grow your product, you lose market share, which in turn impacts business growth. There is really never a full stop to improvement until you take a back seat or pivot.

As a Product Manager focused on growth and user experience, I have…

In today’s growing technology-based world, you would have observed that many companies are transforming their businesses from being a full-fledged product pipeline to platform or mix of both. Companies like Apple, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, Alibaba, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more are examples where you could see the company’s existence in the platform world. While the idea of platforms existed for years, most of the companies took some time to understand the importance and right strategy to utilize the concept. Ever wondered, why the platform-based business-models are more appealing and revenue generating for these companies than pipeline ones?


Anchal Gupta

Product Management + Analytics | MBA + CS | Dancing is love

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